Getting back to work - EVERYONE

In March 2020 many became unemployed due to stay at home orders during the current pandemic.  Under current policies, not everyone in our community is eligible for stimulus payments, unemployment insurance, and other forms of government income assistance. Businesses are still struggling to stay open, constantly having to shut down for disinfection and paying expensive and unexpected cleaning costs. With unemployment soaring and the pandemic at its peak a small group of us decided to take on an essential job.  Disinfection!

Pause Sanitizing cleaning, disinfection and sterilization services have allowed both local businesses and individuals to get back to work.  By offering affordable disinfection and preventive services our mission at Pause Sanitizing is to improve our local community's health and help businesses avoid unexpected costs while we get through these trying times TOGETHER.



We decided it was only appropriate to bring hospital grade cleaning and disinfection practices to ALL businesses and facilities. 

After some research, we have chosen a combination of UV-C germicidal light handheld wands, room sterilizers and upholstery and mattress sterilizers to add to standard disinfection methods.  

We also use antimicrobial coating for long term protection of facilities and equipment.

We will have your facilities disinfected and certified so that you can get back to business. 


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